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Why Membership Chiropractic?

The Membership Practice is based on the understanding that EVERYONE can benefit from regular Chiropractic care and that everyone should be able to find and afford quality Chiropractic care and use it for the rest of their lives to improve and maintain their health and their LIFE.

We believe that Chiropractic is about LIFE. The LIFE principle that if your nervous system is free from vertebral subluxation (nerve interference) you will have a better quality LIFE.

Why $89/month?

1. It’s a simple fee anyone can understand
2. It’s low enough that virtually anyone can afford
3. The greatest benefits of chiropractic care come from time and repetition
4. Flat fee lets YOU know immediately and always what your chiropractic budget is
5. Use your HSA or FSA for tax free care!
6. My recommendations are based on YOUR needs, not MY fees
7. It lowers the financial risk of trying chiropractic care
8. Low prices to add family members lets the WHOLE family enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care

Why don’t I take Insurance?

1. If you don’t have to file insurance claims for your chiropractic care, it helps keep your premiums lower
2. If you don’t file claims, there’s no entry in the insurance database that could affect your insurance rates or job status in the future
3. Avoid hassles
4. Lowers overhead so I can keep my fees affordable for everyone
5. Reduce paperwork and procedures built around justifying demands of insurance companies
6. Insurance is designed for catastrophic occurrences that might require hospitalization
7. Chiropractic is designed for health and to keep you OUT of the hospital
8. Insurance is betting against yourself. Chiropractic is betting ON yourself.

Maki Chiropractic offers membership to every customer, making it easy to have great care at an affordable monthly fee. It removes the obstacle of finances in the doctor-patient relationship and allows me to focus on the "service" aspect of health care, which is YOU and your health!

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